3 Poems (Originally Published by NNATAN)


Three of my poems that were published originally by NNATAN but no longer available online



Beyond words,
birds are burning,
& I’m walking with nothing but a snaking horn,
Singing photographs from silent stars
into whisperwalls


the camera of time’s tiny bones
partially buried backwards through the sound or rhythms

Missing from music.

When those birds
can’t sing
above their own flames,

Attempt to veil softly, reflecting any feather artifacts
closer to mine.

when we are blind:

Keep the birds clean,
& even angels won’t understand
your eyelids.


The stampede of lost lambs tore into the painting,
lost limbs coloring the sky in Artaudian ecstasy
Filthy with desire,

and loud

So much stampede sky
drizzling into every sky we drink now.

The fallen chain link fence.


A field,
strewn across,
or sewn through

the field

Under no stars!

A hymnal-less hymnal.

A flip book of photographs:
discrete, at least;

at least;

nine hours in the making,
at least.

Monkey Puzzle

Your prayers have been answered:

your boy,
your boy has returned home.

Your childhood’s reality,

or your version of it, in another’s body

behind your eyes once he’s inside
(into yourself forever)

has returned home.

Where have you been, his sister asks.

In language,
the open hymen appears.

Open hymen.

It sounds too much like your surname.

Sounds too much like