Draft of Conference Proposal on Video-based Learning for Instructional Improvement


Conference Session Proposal Draft

Title: Enhancing Teacher Preparation Online through Video-based Modeling and Feedback


Although video of teaching practice has long been a part of the national discussion concerning teacher observation and evaluation (i.e., TIMSS 1999 Video Study), online video-based pedagogical practice has only recently been acknowledged in the research literature as a cornerstone for effective online and face-to-face teacher preparation and continued professional development (i.e., Archer, Cantrell, Holtzman, Joe, Tocci, & Wood, 2016; Borko, Koellner, Jacobs, & Seago, 2011; Derry, Sherin, & Sherin, 2015; Gaudin & Chaliès, 2015).

The University of Florida College of Education faculty and staff have unique expertise in planning and implementing innovative online video-based pedagogy for the purpose of improving teacher and leader preparation and professional development. Motivation of online students played a key factor in the initial decisions to redesign coursework to include professional video in addition to synchronous observation video software (i.e., Guo, Kim, & Rubin, 2014). Some examples of our efforts include the implementation of synchronous and asynchronous video solutions (with annotation) for teacher observation and pre-service mentoring, embedded video of UF graduates modeling teaching best practices within our online courses, expert and practitioner interviews and case studies woven through online discussions, and targeted video demonstrations of instructional strategies for teaching students with dyslexia.

In this session, the demonstration and effectiveness of these design changes will be discussed, including the sharing of student feedback regarding how these changes have impacted their instruction in the field.


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 More at- https://www.academia.edu/25847583/Enhancing_Teacher_Preparation_Online_through_Video-based_Modeling_and_Feedback